Eating Smart and Being Active class – Fitchburg, Wisconsin

Event Information


April 16th - June 11th, 2018


6:00pm - 7:30pm


FREE to parents & caregivers of children


Lytonia Floyd


(608) 224-3645 or (608) 224-3714


Interested in FREE nutrition education? Want to improve the health of yourself and your family? 

Join Eating Smart and Being Active! The course is FREE, available to pregnant moms, moms, dads and caregivers of young children.

What can Eating Smart and Being Active offer my family and I?

    • Understand how to make healthy options for you and your child(ren).
    • Learn and engage through physical activity
    • Develop healthy lifestyle choices
    • Practice and develop important cooking skills
    • Feel confident with food safety
    • Advance your skills in food resources management
    • Taste new & nutritious recipes each week
    • and more!

The University of Wisconsin Extension’s FoodWIse programming offers an evidence based nutrition class, Eating Smart and Being Active. The content of the curriculum is based on the latest research findings from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and MyPlate.

Lesson Topics

  • Lesson 1 – Welcome to Eating Smart and Being Active
  • Lesson 2 – Get Moving!
  • Lesson 3 – Plan, Shop, $ave
  • Lesson 4 – Fruits & Veggies: Half Your Plate
  • Lesson 5 – Make Half Your Grains Whole
  • Lesson 6 – Build Strong Bones
  • Lesson 7 – Go Lean with Protein
  • Lesson 8 – Make a Change & Celebrate! 

Event Location

Location: Stone Crest Community Apartments – 5673 King James Court, Fitchburg, WI 53719

Room: Community Room

When: Every Monday, April 16-June 11, 2018