New Program Offered for Dairy Farmers & Custom Heifer Growers

Dane County is looking for dairy farmers and custom heifer growers who are interested in raising replacement heifers on pasture!

A Yahara WINS grant funded project, the Heifer Grazing Initiative is a collaboration between Dane County UW-Extension, the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems, the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Program, UW-Madison, and USDA Agricultural Research Service.

We’re Looking for Interested Dane County Dairy Farmers to Participate in On-Farm Research with Cost-Sharing!

If you are a dairy farmer, custom heifer raiser, or grazier and are in Dane County, we want you to participate in our project! There’s an opportunity to receive cost-sharing for establishing managed pasture on your farm for replacement heifers.

To learn more about the project and what is expected of farmer participants, please see the Heifer Grazing Initiative Flyer (PDF, 272KB).

Visit the Dane County Agriculture Program website for more information and to see other agriculture-related events and information!