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Master Gardener Volunteer General Training

See current brochure for registration deadlines:  2015 Master Gardener Training Brochure Master Gardener General Training is designed to cover many areas of horticulture for a solid foundation in many aspects of horticulture to assist master gardeners in their volunteer activities.

In Dane County, two class sections are offered from February to August. The entire course consists of 15 sessions. Each class is three hours, offered either from or 9 am-noon, depending on the section you are in. Classes are held every other week, with a few exceptions for holidays, etc. If you can’t make a class, you are welcome to attend the other section instead. You are allowed to miss three classes and still graduate.

Subjects covered in the sixteen-session general training course include:

  • Master Gardener Orientation
  • Plant Anatomy and Taxonomy
  • Plant Propagation, Plant Processes
  • Soils and Composting
  • School Gardens/Teaching Children
  • Introduction to Plant Diseases
  • Introduction to Insects, Pesticide Safety
  • Weed ID and Invasive Plants
  • Tree & Shrub Planting and Pruning
  • Introduction to Vegetables, Vegetable Diseases, Insects
  • Perennial Flowers
  • Annual Flowers
  • Fruit Trees
  • Organic Techniques
  • Houseplants, Phenology
  • Growing Berries, Lawn Care

All classes are held at the Dane County Extension Office located at 5201 Fen Oak Dr on Madison’s east side off Agriculture Drive near Stoughton Road and the Beltline. Rm A/B 1st floor.