The Green Thumb Gardening class series will give you the practical knowledge to keep your home garden thriving! University of Wisconsin Extension educators and local horticulture experts will provide in depth and accessible information for everyone from the novice to the experienced gardener.

In spring 2017, classes will be held evenings from 6:30-9:00pm at the Dane County UW-Extension office. Register for the entire class series at a discounted price or individual classes  according to your interests.


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February 28 – Composting & Soil Composition
Soil is where it all begins in the garden! Learn to improve your soil through a variety of home composting techniques including hot composting and vermicomposting (worms!). This class covers important information about soil types, nutrients, pH, organic matter, and fertilizers. Taught by Joe Muellenberg & Lisa Johnson, Dane County UW-Extension Horticulture Program.

March 7 – Native Plants for Gardens & Pollinatorsclip_art_image_of_an_ethnic_hand_holding_a_seddling_in_soil_0515-1003-2901-5432_smu
Frank Hassler of Good Oak Ecological Services will discuss native prairie plants for gardens and some of the best plants to choose to attract butterflies and pollinator insects.

March 14 – Landscape Design
Ben Futa, Director at UW-Madison Allen Centennial Garden, will cover fundamentals and elements of landscape design for your annual or perennial home garden.

March 21 – Vegetable Garden Planning & Techniques
Claire Strader, Small-Scale and Organic Produce Educator at Dane County UW-Extension, will cover organic techniques for growing vegetables, with an emphasis on practical strategies for getting a good harvest.

March 28 – Vegetable Families, Pests & Diseases
Learn about common vegetable families, best growing practices, and how to prevent common pests and diseases. Taught by Joe Muellenberg & Lisa Johnson, Dane County UW-Extension Horticulture Program.

April 4 –  Wisconsin Wildlife in the Home Garden
David Drake, UW-Madison Wildlife Ecologist, will discuss desirable and non-desirable wildlife in the garden. He will concentrate on pest exclusion and control strategies.

April 6 – Organic Landscape Maintenance (NEW!)
Many people are interested in reducing or eliminating pesticides and inorganic fertilizers in the landscape because of concerns about water quality and potential threats to humans, pets, bees, birds and other wildlife. Join Becky Kielstrup, General Manager and Horticulturalist at Avant Gardening & Landscaping, to learn about organic lawn care, sustainable planting methods, integrated pest management and simple steps and tips on how to begin!

April 11 – Growing Berries (NEW!)
Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and currants oh my!  Learn which varieties are best suited for Wisconsin and how to properly care for them for a delicious harvest year after year. Taught by Lisa Johnson, Dane County UW-Extension Horticulture Program.

April 25 – Annuals & Perennials
Learn general techniques for selecting, planting, and caring for annuals and perennials as well as covering some new and recommended varieties.  Taught by Lisa Johnson, Dane County UW-Extension Horticulture Program.